Lifestyle Risks

Make lasting change for better health

Monitor your lifestyle goals to prevent major health events

Lifestyle risks begin in the womb and have a cumulative effect throughout life.  Keeping track of multiple health indicators means you and your clinician can track visible and invisible health determinates so there are no surprises.

Getting a clear picture of your health and taking responsibility for your lifestyle choices are the first steps toward good health. Without good health your quality of life decreases, while your risk of degeneration, disease and death increase.


Gevity helps you make real lifestyle changes.


Most risk factors are controllable by changes to activity and stress levels, food choices and medication. Gevity helps you make real lifestyle changes – large and small – that will reap short, medium and long-term rewards for you and your family.

It’s time to get real and let Gevity be your coach and conscience. There’s no short cut to good health, but Gevity makes it easy to plan and track your risk factors, monitor your progress, and wirelessly communicate your health data to your doctor.

high-bpHealth affects everything from fertility to mental wellbeing.

Let Gevity

  • Help you make amends for years of poor lifestyle choices
  • Provide the insight and tools to prevent chronic diseases
  • Give day-by-day prompts to adhere to your exercise and nutrition plans
  • Highlight your personal risk profile to reveal the impact of your actions
  • Centralise all the information needed to monitor your daily health

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Easy to use dashboard


The Gevity Dashboard shows your health status at a glance.  As your data streams in from wireless devices, it’s summarised across 7 multifaceted areas.

Your progress in each area is represented as a coloured circle, so it is very easy to tell if you’re on track to meeting your health goals and clinical targets.


All the information you need to achieve balanced health.


Powerful insight that fuels change

iPhone-Front-Risk-ProfileGevity’s Risk Profile uses the same clinically proven algorithms used by doctors to predict your future health risks.

Using the health data captured via the dashboard, Gevity automatically calculates the likelihood of future health events, such as heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

This allows you to understand how your current health and lifestyle choices directly affect your long-term wellbeing.


Powerful insight helping maximise both life and health expectancy.

Comprehensive health plan

iPhone-Front-Health-PlanWanting change is the first step toward making change. Gevity allows you to create a health plan supported by appropriate goals and measurements across four different areas – medication/supplements, monitoring, nutrition and exercise.

If you’ve taken the step of engaging a personal trainer, he or she will have prescribed a series of exercise and/or dietary requirements, plus regular tracking of body measurements.

After entering these requirements into your Health Plan, Gevity consolidates your actions onto one simple screen, allowing you to focus just on what needs to be done today.

If you choose to share your data with others (e.g. your personal trainer), they will be able to track your progress and help you adjust your goals as your health and fitness begins to improve.  A small investment in Gevity will leverage your total health investment.


Master your health, one step at a time, one day at a time.


Supported devices and apps

We’ve worked really hard to ensure that Gevity wirelessly connects with a wide range of devices and apps to monitor your heart, fitness, bloods, weight, sleep and food intake.  When you use these wireless inputs, there’s no need to manually enter this data into Gevity.  It’s never been easier to track your health!

Alternatively, if you already have some non-wireless devices (e.g. a standalone blood pressure monitor), that’s fine too.  Simply enter the data directly into Gevity.


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