Baby Boomers

Enjoy life to the fullest

Live the life you’ve worked hard for by protecting your health

Baby boomers are officially the most adaptable generation!  You’ve witnessed so much change over the decades and now you’re the first generation to be significantly ‘younger’ than your parents.  It’s no coincidence – your generation is responsible for much of the science behind youthfulness and longevity.

The truth is, you don’t bounce back as quickly after injury or accident, menopause is a reality and you’re more susceptible to chronic diseases and health crises like heart attack or stroke.  Most of these are preventable with the support of your doctor and close monitoring of vital health data.


The only thing standing in the way of
a vibrant middle age is good health.  


Good health is the key to a great ‘middle age’ and there’s so much to look forward to: you’re financially secure, empty nesting, transitioning to retirement and able to adeptly embrace technology.  It’s the perfect time to explore new activities, attitudes and apps, and to take stock of your health and keep track of your efforts.

By seamlessly tracking things like your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, Gevity makes it easy to identify, address and control important risk factors and avoid any nasty surprises.



  • Highlights your personal risk profile to help you get back on track and keep you there
  • Centralises all the information needed to improve your health
  • Easily and proactively tracks your health progress against goals
  • Helps you develop and implement your exercise, nutrition and medication plans
  • Shares your progress with your doctor to help spot early warning signs

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Easy to use dashboard


The Gevity Dashboard shows your health status at a glance.  As your data streams in from wireless devices, it’s summarised across 7 multifaceted areas.

Your progress in each area is represented as a coloured circle, so it’s very easy to tell if you’re on track to meeting your health goals and clinical targets.


All the information you need to achieve balanced health.

Powerful insight that fuels change

iPhone-Front-Risk-ProfileGevity’s Risk Profile uses the same clinically proven algorithms used by doctors to predict your future health risks.

Using the health data captured via the Dashboard, Gevity automatically calculates the likelihood of future health events, such as heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes.

This helps you understand how your current health and lifestyle choices directly affect your long-term wellbeing.


Powerful insight helping maximise both life and health expectancy.

Comprehensive health plan

iPhone-Front-Health-PlanThe Gevity Health Plan is comprised of four different plans – medication, monitoring, nutrition and exercise – developed by you or experts such as exercise physiologists, dietitians, personal trainers, physiotherapists or GPs.

For example, if you’ve consulted an exercise physiologist and a dietitian, they will have prescribed a series of exercise, dietary and health supplement requirements plus, perhaps, weekly monitoring of blood pressure.

After entering these requirements into your Health Plan, Gevity consolidates your actions onto one simple screen, allowing you to focus just on what needs to be done today.

If you choose to share your data with others (e.g. your exercise physiologist), they’re able to track your progress and help you adjust your goals as your health begins to improve.  A small investment in Gevity will leverage your total health investment.


Master your health, one step at a time, one day at a time.

Testimonial – Bron

Bron is a youthful and intelligent 68-year-old businesswoman with a busy work, family and social life. She was in good health, apart from familial high blood pressure, but using Gevity has surprised her in more ways than one. We couldn’t script a better Gevity story, so we asked her to tell it herself:

“I was pottering along quite happily in life and then, 3 months ago, I signed up to Gevity. It actually changed my consciousness – I woke up a little.”

“My mother died at 77 from hypertension and my father at 75 of a heart attack. At my age, I want quality of life – it’s about enjoying the rest of what I’ve got.“

“Gevity triggered a change in the way I did things each day and I started to take responsibility for me. Before Gevity, I would always find a close parking space. Now I park further away so I can get another 500 steps. It’s a game … and I’m having fun with it!”

Bron averages 5000 to 7000 steps daily, 3000 of which are achieved each morning when she walks to and from her local coffee shop. This single change has resulted in a “totally unintentional” 7kg weight loss.

“My friends kept telling me I’d lost weight but I wasn’t sure as I don’t own any scales. I didn’t change my food intake – I eat very healthily – but I was quite sedentary. I was also quite happy calling myself a ‘social smoker’ and believed it wasn’t hurting me. But when Gevity calculated my heart age (it wasn’t very good because of my genetic hypertension) I stopped smoking.”

Bron now weighs herself monthly and her steps and blood pressure are wirelessly measured daily. She’s about to visit her GP for he first time since joining Gevity to have her bloods checked and see how they’ve improved. “I’m really enjoying being more aware of my health – it’s been so simple.”


Supported devices and apps

We’ve worked really hard to ensure Gevity wirelessly connects with a wide range of devices and apps to monitor your heart, fitness, bloods, weight, sleep and food intake.  When you use these wireless inputs, there’s no need to manually enter this data into Gevity.  It’s never been easier to track your health!

Alternatively, if you already have some non-wireless devices (e.g. a standalone blood pressure monitor), that’s fine too.  Simply enter the data directly into Gevity.


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