Longevum – The brains behind the brawn

25 August 2015

Longevum is the engine that drives Gevity.  We are a passionate, dedicated and innovative team with deep experience in medicine, technology,  business and change management.

In founding Longevum, I’m drawing on my 25 years of management consulting experience and my even longer stint as the partner of a medical student/doctor!   Over this time, I’ve personally and professionally witnessed the increasing burden of chronic disease on our health system. From where I sit, it’s become untenable!

I know medicine’s the imperfect union of science and humanity. And while the medical profession does astonishing things on a daily basis, the bottom line is, without patients focused on their health, we’re only slapping a bandaid on the problem.   As nations, we’re spending vast sums of money keeping people alive for longer, only for those lives to be of poor quality.  In other words, life expectancy is increasing but health expectancy is decreasing…. (more on this in future blog posts).

As an engineer, I aim for simple, but effective – and so I know the importance of seeking  expert advice.  At Longevum, a team of medical and consumer advisors guide the technical folk to develop really useful solutions to help address the problem of deteriorating health and chronic disease.

At Longevum our mission is simple… to better connect patients and clinicians, by facilitating better conversations.  Our goal is to empower and educate patients, as well as the entire healthcare team.

We strongly believe that Longevum can make a significant contribution to global health – one data point at a time, one patient at a time.