Healthy habits lead to longevity

29 October 2016

In this day and age, more and more people find themselves stuck to computers of different forms – desktop, laptop, palmtop.  We write assignments, play games and socialise with all and sundry, sharing our selfies from wherever we may be.

Many people in the health industry are quick to add technology to the obesity blame game, and when you see unhealthy people slouching over their smart devices, madly typing and swiping away, it is hard to argue against them.

However, in the medical industry, technology is fast becoming part of the solution to the problem.  New advances offer health professionals the ability to monitor illness and disease in a more effective and timely manner.

Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of technology that allow us to increase our fitness and improve our health.  From Fitbit to Strava to MyFitnessPal, we can track how far we’ve run, monitor our heart rates and analyse our diet.  The gathering of all this health and fitness data is great, but if you don’t develop healthy habits, this data becomes nothing more than just a fascinating oddity in the short term and interest rarely lasts.  But developing healthy habits is not easy.  If it was, the global obesity epidemic would not exist.

A great way to create a healthy habit is to plan for it.  That’s right, sit down (with the help of a health professional, if appropriate) and work out what exercise you are going to do and what you are going to eat throughout the month.  Not only should this exercise and diet be suited to your current health status and body type, it should fit into your life.  There’s no use committing to a plan that clashes with other important aspects of your day-to-day life.

This plan becomes your blueprint for your future health.  Despite all the promises out there about ‘silver bullets’ to good health, the closest thing to a silver bullet is a healthy habit, so work hard to stick to it!  And don’t forget that over time, you will need to change it up.  We have all heard the stories that commonly the length of use of a fitness tracker is about 6 months – and it’s true.  But it’s not the fault of the activity trackers.  We humans get easily bored, and we need to be regularly stimulated with something different.  Counting 10,000 steps every day is not enough for most people to stay interested.

So to remove the risk of boredom, you should refresh your health plan every few months – at least every season.  Who eats the same things and does the same exercise in winter and summer?  In summer we might like to swim, but in winter it takes the dedication of an olympic athlete, a stern coach and a heated pool to get someone into the water!

As mentioned before, your health plan is the blueprint for your future health, it’s that important.  And that is where Gevity really shines.  Gevity is more than just another health app – it is a health management platform.  Yes, it allows you to consolidate your health and fitness data in one place, in a meaningful way.  And yes, It allows you to understand how your current lifestyle choices are effecting your future health risks.  But it’s real power is its ability to help you develop healthy habits, and it does this using its health planning capabilities.

Your Gevity health plan holds all your exercise and nutritional activities, so you always know what needs to be done and when, as it sends you notifications to keep you on track.  Alongside those activities, the Gevity health plan includes any medications or supplements you are taking,  as well as your ‘monitoring’ activities – those things you need to do regularly to monitor your health and fitness (e.g. weigh yourself daily, take your blood pressure once a month).

So, whether you are working with health professionals to manage a chronic condition, recovering from a major health event or just simply determined to get your health back on track, Gevity allows you to develop the right health plan (that can be easily modified over time) to keep you interested, enjoy the process of getting your health back and develop some life-changing health habits at the same time!