Gary’s Story

7 June 2016

Former IT consultant Gary Clarke spent decades working on the premise that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’: that success came from quantifying progress and adjusting processes to produce the desired outcome.

Now in retirement, Gary still lives by that approach, only now he applies it to managing his health.

He’s one of thousands of Baby boomers entering retirement with a zest to live life fully and well—yet shackled by health risk factors that could undo his plans.

Gary survived a mild stroke in his mid-50s. In his mid-60s, he was carrying too much weight, had dangerously high blood pressure and heart rate, along with sleep apnoea—Gary knew it was only a matter of time before another, more serious, stroke hit unless he did something.

Using the Gevity app, he got proactive and started planning for his future.

“I needed a single point of truth, one source that provided a full picture of what was happening with my health and charted my progress,” Gary says, two years on.

“Gevity is that motivational tool.”

The Gevity app enables you to track all your health stats in one easy place, giving you a holistic picture of your health.

Compatible monitoring devices wirelessly connect with Gevity to record vital health data – such as blood pressure, weight, blood glucose, cholesterol, sleep and activity.

Gevity analyses your health information and sends real-time updates about your well-being.

Nominated clinicians, caregivers and family members can view your health data and are alerted in times of concern.

In Gary’s case, information from his Fitbit (tracking physical activity and sleep), bathroom scales, and blood pressure monitor are all synched to Gevity. There, he can see how he is progressing and what areas need improvement.

“It’s a healthy easy habit that’s changed my life,” says Gary, 68, who now regularly achieves at least 20,000 steps a day, has his blood pressure under control, feels more energetic and is only a couple of kilos off his ideal weight.

The Gevity App lets people like Gary health plan for the future and focus on maxing their retirement dreams. Start your healthier life today, with Gevity.