Easy steps to better health in the office

5 September 2016

While those of us with desk jobs may find it difficult to keep active, there has been a shift towards new methods of activity during the working day.  Whether it’s reminders to get up from the desk or standing workspaces, white-collar workers are being urged to spend more of their day on their feet.  However, the trend is starting to gain more applications.

A pilot study from the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami has found that walking meetings may be a feasible option to incorporate into the work day.  Just one meeting per week on the feet can increase the physical activity level of participants by 10-15 minutes, while stimulating conversation.

Beyond the health benefits of remaining active, participants in the study found that being physically active during meetings also helped the pace and productivity of the meeting.  Where some meetings can cover the same material many times and seem to go on forever, the walking meeting tends to have a more finite feel; as reported by some participants in the study.

While ten minutes many not seem like it would make a huge difference to someone’s physical health, evidence has been found that just 15 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to three years to a person’s life expectancy.  Beyond that, the active reminder and prompt to remain physically active can help to create a culture of better health choices.

Any physical activity is going to be beneficial for your health, and these benefits can easily be seen when viewed through technology like Gevity, which can calculate the impact that healthy lifestyle choices can make on your future health risks.

So why wait? Organise your next meeting on the run and let Gevity show you the benefits!