Darren: 310,000 steps later

8 June 2016

Brisbane adventurer and orthopaedic surgeon Darren Marchant burned up an average of 6,271 calories daily during his recent Simpson Desert fundraising walk, according to his Gevity health-monitoring app.

“That wasn’t the only burning going on,” Darren joked, describing the daytime apparent temperatures of 70 degrees as ‘confronting’. The 7-day trek over 255km to Birdsville certainly gave the thermostat a workout, with blistering hot days and cold (sometimes wet) nights.

“I thought I was prepared. I’d trained. But I had never experienced anything so physically and mentally tough. There was no reprieve in the daytime.” Darren recounted.

“At least when I did the Kokoda, though it was hot, there was shade and streams to cool off in. In the desert, that heat is unrelenting.”

Even drinking 6L of fluid just in the mornings wasn’t enough to stem dehydration by lunchtime.

Darren Marchant’s participation in the Simpson Desert walk – proudly supported by Gevity – was a fundraiser for YoungCare, providing appropriate care and independence for young people with disability.

For all his effort, for all his pain, for every one of those 310,000 steps Darren’s Gevity app counted on those shifting sands, Darren personally raised more than $91,500. A fantastic effort and something that Darren should be extremely proud of. Well done!