Be Proactive By Understanding Your Personal Health Risk

27 May 2016

In a time where the average person is living longer, hospitals are struggling to keep up with demand and health care prices are going up; there is a renewed focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent the need for these health services.

Many reports show that modern people don’t have any idea what to do to improve their health if it starts to deteriorate. They fall into the trap of fad dieting or doing the wrong exercise for their body type, but don’t really have any idea what is going on “under the hood”.

This is where applications like Gevity can make a world of difference. Gevity allows you to monitor your health and well-being, as well as the calories you are consuming and the exercise you are doing. It then gives you a clear picture of what your health status is now, as well as your personal risk of developing chronic conditions in future.

This risk profiling function allows for early signs of chronic illness (e.g. diabetes) or health events (e.g. heart attack, stroke) to be highlighted before they become a problem; allowing you to avoid getting sick all together.

Having a daily routine with health guidance based on your own personal needs can ensure that hospital visits are minimised and your outlook on life is maximised. No matter your age or current health condition, Gevity can give you insight into your health and help you to start your healthier life, today! Don’t wait until tomorrow!