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The growing incidence of chronic diseases is our most critical global health issue, yet most are preventable.  The key is knowing and managing your risks.

With the Gevity app you can track all your health stats in one easy place.

download_AppStoreWhether you’re “young and fit” or “high risk”, Gevity can help you achieve a longer, healthier life – doing the things you love to do.

Get to know and understand your health – it takes no time at all.  You can even easily keep your doctor or family in loop.

The Gevity health monitoring app helps you understand and control your health.


How Gevity connects

Compatible monitoring devices wirelessly connect with Gevity to record your vital health data, e.g. activity trackers, BP monitors

Your health information is analysed by Gevity in a secure environment, sending real-time updates about your wellbeing.

Nominated clinicians, caregivers and family members view your health data and are alerted in times of concern.

Who is Gevity for?

Gevity is for anyone who wants to improve their general health and wellbeing, by doing the things they love to do.  It provides the tools and insight to easily track vital health indicators – such as blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, BMI and physical activity – to reduce the risk of health problems in the future.

Health Conscious

Peace of mind for the future

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Baby Boomers

Enjoy life to the fullest

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Embrace life’s next chapter

Have fun in retirement knowing that your health is being monitored by those who care Read more

Lifestyle Risks

Make lasting change for better health

Monitor your lifestyle goals to prevent major health events Read more

Chronic Conditions

Helping you stay vigilant

Don’t let chronic disease run your life Read more

What does Gevity work with?

Gevity is designed to work wirelessly with the apps and devices you love.  This allows you to use the apps and devices that best work for you and without the need to re-enter any data into Gevity.  It all works seamlessly in the background – monitoring your health is easy and fun!

The apps and devices fall into six categories:

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