What is a Gevity subscription?

15 August 2015

Anyone who downloads Gevity from the App Store is able to use the App to monitor their own health, track their progress against goals, view their risk profile and plan a healthier life. You can continue to use the App and it will collate all your health data over time.  We call this “self-monitoring”.

If you decide to share your health data with another person, for example a doctor, caregiver or family member, you will need a Gevity subscription.  We call this “shared monitoring”.  You can subscribe for one month or one year at a time and the subscription will auto-renew, unless you choose to cease your subscription. Pricing may vary from time to time, however the standard price is AU$4.99 per month or AU$49.99 per year.

If you have a valid subscription in place, you will be able to invite as many people as you like to view your health data.  For example, you may share with your GP, cardiologist, daughter, exercise physiologist and nurse.  There is no need for invitees to pay a fee to view your health data.

The intention is that clinicians (i.e. health professionals) will use the Gevity web portal to view your data.  However, if a family member has also downloaded Gevity, they can view your health data from the App on their device.