About Gevity

The Gevity health monitoring app empowers people with the knowledge, tools and technology to enjoy healthier, longer lives.

  • Centralises data from fitness and medical devices
  • Manages tailored health plans
  • Tracks your progress
  • Provides a new level of insight and control of your health.

If desired, Gevity shares your health data to nominated clinicians, caregivers and family members.  This enables better disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

For healthy people, Gevity serves as your conscience and health coach. Whether you’re a younger person wanting optimum health for pregnancy and parenthood; a Baby Boomer starting to feel the effects of middle age; a senior embracing retirement; or someone who simply wants to be proactive in their health … You can commit to a healthier future, with Gevity helping you watch your numbers, set achievable goals and reduce your disease risk.

For people with existing health problems, Gevity collates your vital health data and, if desired, sends it in real time to nominated clinicians, carers and family members to enable optimum monitoring and management of your condition …
Gevity helps you best manage your health concerns and live independently for longer.

Gevity gives a new level of insight and control


Our health system is struggling to keep up with increasing demand. Fortunately, three important changes are occurring ...

People are taking more responsibility for their health

New technologies make us all better connected

Clinicians are engaging differently with patients for better outcomes

This changing health landscape means there has been no better time to improve your health ...

Gevity monitors your vital data, provides insight and helps you plan and achieve better health

Gevity can provide clinicians with real-time, remote patient data

Gevity tracks vital health data, sends alerts and provides immediate access to key data for better prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring

  • Dashboard shows your progress at-a-glance, instantly displaying health data across 7 categories.

  • Risk Profile uses clinically proven algorithms to predict your future health risks.

  • Health Plan helps you focus on the next step in your journey to a healthier life.

Self Monitoring

Gevity is a powerful ally for a long, healthy life. By connecting your monitoring devices and apps with Gevity, you can create goals and plans to maintain or improve your health, reduce your risk of chronic disease and understand the impact of your lifestyle.

Self monitoring is best suited to the Health Conscious, Baby Boomers and those with Lifestyle Risk.

Self monitoring features

  • Centralises data from devices and apps to monitor and improve your health
  • Helps you develop and follow exercise, nutrition and medication plans
  • Creates a baseline and builds a long-term picture of your health
  • Provides day-by-day prompts to follow your plan and achieve your goals
  • Calculates your personal risk profile to reveal the impact of your actions
  • Provides continuity of health data, even when you change devices or apps
  • Includes Dashboard, Risk Profile and Health Plan features

Shared Monitoring

Shared monitoring wirelessly and securely connects your vital health data with nominated clinicians, carers and family members. This enables your care network to assess your health at a glance, in real time, and make accurate and educated decisions about your treatment and health.

Shared monitoring is best suited to those who have had a Major Health ScareSenior Citizens and people with Chronic Conditions.

Shared monitoring features*

All the features of Self-health monitoring PLUS:

  • Engages your care team – specialists, exercise physiologists, GPs, nurses, physiotherapists, OTs, family – in managing your chronic diseases
  • Harnesses the combined knowledge of your care team by sharing care plans – rehabilitation, medications, nutrition and exercise
  • Centralises the vital data needed by you and your care team to monitor your daily health
  • Provides timely reminders set by your care team to help you stay on track
  • Helps you maintain your independence for longer


* requires a Gevity subscription

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